The marriage ceremony is one of the most sacred and beautiful of all the rituals. It is a ceremony of worship in which two people, before God, pledge their faith and love to each other for the rest of their lives. It is the desire of the members and staff at Central Christian Church to make your wedding a beautiful and meaningful event that will become a memory that will be cherished forever.

Email to speak to our wedding coordinator

See the FAQ below for any questions you may have or send our wedding coordinator a message at the email address above.

Central Christian Church was constructed in 1928, and the lighting within the sanctuary is limited. If your photographer or videographer has not worked in our sanctuary prior to your wedding, he/she is welcome to visit the sanctuary to get an idea if they will need additional lighting equipment. Your CCC wedding coordinator will explain the guidelines to them when they arrive on the wedding day, or they are welcome to call your wedding coordinator prior to get that information.

Some brides feel the need to hire outside wedding coordinators or event planners. We welcome them to assist the bride, groom and wedding party with dressing, photos, delivering and gathering personal belongings before and/or after the ceremony, but for safety and security reasons, only the CCC wedding coordinator and the assistant shall give directions, lead the wedding party to designated preparation rooms, and direct the processional.

The CCC wedding staff have a system in place for monitoring doors (that they be locked or unlocked at the appropriate times) and for cuing musicians and ministerial staff during the ceremony.

In keeping with the theological and architectural style of the church, taped and/or digitally recorded music (CD) is not permitted

The wedding ministry at Central Christian Church is very important to the people who worship here. We proudly open our doors to this historic building for your special day. (You are not required to be a church member here.) Built in 1928 – 1929 it is listed in the National Register of Historical Buildings.

Deciding on a place for your wedding ceremony can be stressful. We invite you to call the church office (at the number above) or e-mail us (e-mail address above) to schedule a tour of our beautiful church and meet our senior minister, Eric Gates.

A wedding is a sacred service of the church, and the music should be reflective of the spiritual and joyous occasion. CCC provides a pianist/organist at your request and for an additional fee, but it is the responsibility of the bride and/or groom to meet with the pianist/organist and the CCC wedding coordinator well in advance regarding all musical details of the ceremony.

Once you have made the decision to have your wedding at Central Christian Church, we will lock in the date for your wedding when we receive the signed Wedding Requisition form along with the $500.00 deposit. Our facilities are available on a first come basis.

Our church will seat approximately 450 guests (including seating in the balcony).

Email: for pricing details, or use the contact form below.

The sanctuary is lovely and ornately detailed and does not require much decorating. Flowers and/or candles make the perfect accent. The use of nails, screws, wire or tape of any kind is not permitted. Pew markers must be padded and must not mark or scar the wood. The communion table, pulpit and associated furnishings may not be moved. For safety reasons, no decorations such as candles or aisle runners may be placed along the center aisle. The church provides a variety of candles to pick from at no additional cost.

All of the wedding party, including parents and ushers should attend the rehearsal, which is typically the day before the wedding. The rehearsal will be conducted by the officiating minister and the CCC wedding staff. The church will be open ½ hour before the appointed time the rehearsal. One hour is ample time for the rehearsal.

Once your wedding is scheduled, CCC’s wedding coordinator will help you plan the details of your wedding ceremony. She will direct you at rehearsal and on the day of your wedding. You may retain your own wedding coordinator or event planner. We welcome them to assist the bride, groom and wedding party with dressing, photos, delivering and gathering personal belongings before and/or after the ceremony, but for safety and security reasons, only the church wedding coordinator and her assistant are permitted to direct any proceedings that take place inside the church, including leading the wedding party to designated preparation rooms, directing the processional, and cuing musicians and ministerial staff. Our charming old church has many doors and entrances and only the CCC wedding staff is knowledgeable about their locking mechanisms which are aged and often tricky.

Access to the Church is granted 2½ hours before the ceremony. Many couples choose to have the majority of photographs taken prior to the ceremony. After the wedding ceremony, one hour is granted to complete photos and clear the church of all personal belongings.